About me


That isn’t John Belushi’s head. It’s just a coincidence.

I retired from practice effective May 1, 2016. I’m still retired.

I attempted – in the terminology “read for” something  – additional post-grad education in law at Oxford in 2016-18.

If you want to reach me but don’t know how, leave a message on this blog. I’ll check monthly.

Or write me to at gmail”Dot”com – the prefix is my first initial followed by my surname – all lower case although I doubt that matters.

June 1, 2020


  1. David Cheifetz

    Hello Victoria,

    I’m now working on the “in corpore sano” part, on the assumption that a reasonable amount of success, there, might leach into the first part of the homily. It’s fun once I stop.

    The posts in the marketing / practice sections of Slaw are odd. It’s not quite bad enough to require a mental Hazmat suit, but sometimes I wonder if the doorway to the section shouldn’t have the phrase that Dante wrote about on the gate to Hell. Or, at least, the warning that supposedly sometimes appeared on the portions of ancient maps that showed unexplored areas. Regardless, it must have been a temporary gremlin in the Slaw works. The reply box is there, now.


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