Selected Publications

Cheifetz, Apportionment of Fault (1981) – David Cheifetz – extract

An Ongoing Canadian Causation Decalogue  (in more than 10 parts)

Factual Causation Explained for Canadian Lawyers (CLE – BC, 2013; aka 5 Easy Pieces on Factual Causation)

“Factual Causation in Negligence After Clements” (2013) 41 Adv. Q. 179

“Black Holes, Aether & Negligence in the Air: Causation in Canadian Negligence Law After Clements” (2012); published as D. Cheifetz, “Factual Causation in Negligence After Clements” (2013) 41 Adv. Q. 179

“Causation in Negligence: Material Contribution and But-for After Clements” (2012)  40 Adv. Q. 109

“The Bounds Of ‘Common Sense’ Inferences Of Causation: Clements v. Clements and the Art of Motorcycle Factum Maintenance” (2012) 40 Adv. Q. 34 (with Russell Brown)

“The Resurfice Exception: Causation in Negligence Without Probability (2012)”

“Tales of Sound and Fury: Factual Causation in Tort after Resurfice” in (2009)  Law Society of Upper Canada Special Lectures, Personal Injury, c. 12

“Scraping the Surface: The Consequences of Resurfice” (2008) or   here

“Through the Looking-Glass, Darkly: Resurfice Corp. v. Hanke” (2007) 45 Alberta Law Review 241 (with Vaughan Black)

“Material Contribution and Quantum Uncertainty: Hanke v. Resurfice Corp.” (2006) 43 Canadian Business Law Journal 155 (with Vaughan Black)

“The Snell Inference: Hunting the Causative Snark” (2005) 30 Advocates’ Quarterly 1

“Materially Increasing Risk as Factual Causation”  (2004) 29  Advocates’ Quarterly 253

Apportionment of Fault and Allocation of Financial Responsibility 

“Contribution between Negligent Tortfeasors and Unjust Enrichment: An Outline of a Solution to the ‘No Benefit to B’ Issue” (2016) 53 Alberta Law Review 879

“Silk Purses and Silver Linings” (2011)  38 Advocates’ Quarterly 371

“For Whom The Bell Tolled” (2007)  33 Advocates’ Quarterly 45

“Allocating Financial Responsibility Among Solvent Concurrent Wrongdoers” (2004)  28 Advocates’ Quarterly 137; (2004) 28 Adv. Q. 389; (2005) 29 Adv. Q. 276

Apportionment of Fault in Tort (Canada Law Book, 1981)

“The Application of Apportionment Legislation to Concurrent Contractual Liability” (1979) 2 Advocates’ Quarterly 117

“Contribution between Tortfeasors Revisited: Giffels Associates Limited v. Eastern Const. Co.”  (1978) 26 Chitty’s L. J. 109

“Contribution Claims, Litigation Periods and the Negligence Act, R.S.O. 1970, c. 296, s. 9” (1977-78) 1 Advocates’ Quarterly 156

“The Missing Tortfeasor: A Problem in Fault Apportionment under the Ontario Negligence Act” (1977-78) 1 Advocates’ Quarterly 270

“Contribution after Settlement under the Negligence Act (Ontario), s.3” (1977-78) 1 Advocates’ Quarterly 408

“Vicarious Liability and the Contributorily Negligent Plaintiff: Is the Common Law Defence Still Applicable” (1977-78) 1 Advocates’ Quarterly 418


“Aspects of Commercial Insurance”, (1987) Law Society of Upper Canada Special Lectures, Insurance Law (Toronto: Richard De Boo, 1987) 43 (with Thomas McGrenere)

“Discovery of Corporations in Ontario”  (1977-78) 1 Advocates’ Quarterly 78

Continuing Legal Education Articles

Causation material – for Causation  I and II, The Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia, 2008, 2011

“Five Easy Enough Pieces: The Nuts and Bolts of Factual Causation in Negligence after Clements”, CLEBC, Vancouver, B.C., May 2013

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