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In Honour of Friday, the 13th

And why some lawyers and many members of the public are sardonic about the profession.

This wouldn’t happen at your law firm, right?

All of our your lawyers aren’t this … challenged.

Or, where you still have a library with real books, and people who act as librarians rather than merely hands to file updates, they’re sufficiently able.

For you, because you strive for excellence, ‘mediocrity ‘r us’ is somebody else in another office.

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Existential Questions and Casuistry*

*in its original, non-pejorative meaning: “The resolving of moral problems by the application of theoretical rules.”
 Ecumenical version
Is it true that Praying Mantises are not kosher because they don’t wear phylacteries when they prey?

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Nemesis Calling: Is Anybody Home? or

  A Satire on Hubris by Outis

Those who gods would destroy they sometimes give more money than the person will ever be able to use in that person’s lifetime.
Or they sometimes make that person wealthy as the result of ze’s creation of a fungible product that has no intrinsic value whatsoever to society and could equally be replaced by something equally valueless, where ze just happened to be one of the first kids on the block.

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Will I still love you tomorrow? Or

But who won the war?

“I meant what I said, and I said what I meant.” (Horton Hatches The Egg,  Dr. Seuss (1940))

Sometimes, though, if we accept Horton’s statement as true,  there’s room to wonder if the judge(s) said what they meant when one considers the consequences of what the judge(s) said  to the next case with slightly different facts, even if the result is what the judge(s) seem to have intended in the particular case.

That is, if one applies what the judge(s) said for what they said.

Those of you who know the Quinn v Leathem aphorism might consider it. The rest of you could look it up. It’s on this blog.