Breaking News & what’s in store for 2021/22?

October 24, 2013:  I’m very pleased to announce that I’m joining Vancouver’s Pacific Law Group.  This doesn’t necessarily mean Ontario judges have seen the last of my face as an Ontario lawyer; nor that I plan to stop my reasoned critiques of doings in my former home territory.  I plan to keep my membership in the Law Society of Upper Canada.

As an aside, my “timeline” seems to have significant (?) events every decade or so.  For example.

1951 – born (so I’m told and the paper work claims. I don’t remember)

1961 – broke right leg playing soccer in the fall (no hockey that winter)

1972 – law school

1981 – text (Apportionment of Fault)  is published, take year off (ahem: from practice) to work for Parliament

1982 – joined law firm where I spent the next 2 decades

1992 – played goal for Israel, in Johannesberg, South Africa, in the IIHF Group C World Championship. (I might then have been the best 41 year old, Canadian-trained, Israel-born, goalie on the planet.  If I wasn’t the best, I was the only one fit to play, available, able to travel, and who’d held Israeli citizenship long enough that I qualified to play for Israel under IIHF. )

2001 – left firm where I’d spent the last 2 decades, decided to start writing, again, about law

2012 – finished LLM, decided to take year off (from practice), decided to move to Vancouver

2013 – moved to Vancouver from Toronto, took most of the year off, returned to practice.

2021/22 – I hope to still be at least as healthy as the proverbial 60 year-old Swede (but with a better hairline).


  1. Brian Babcock

    Does that mean you’re too big a fish if I need a carpy little Plaintiff personal injury deposition agent?

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