Canadian Law of Obligations – UBC Faculty of Law 5-6 May 2017

The link to read about and enroll if one is in the Vancouver area or otherwise willing to travel to Vancouver is:

Friday, May 5, 2017 – 08:15 to Saturday, May 6, 2017 – 17:30

The Conference marks the retirement of the distinguished professor and legalscholar Joost Blom, in recognition of Prof. Blom’s contributions to the Canadian law of Obligations as both a scholar and a teacher. This Conference will be a prized moment in the Canadian scholarship of the law of Obligations. It brings together many of the most prized legal minds in the field, including Justice Russell Brown, Justice Linden (retired) and many other great thinkers, scholars, and practitioners to share their research, and engage with a diverse audience.

Practitioners, are, in particular, encouraged to register. With 13.5 CPD credits available, and insights and progress to the past, present, and future of the law of Obligations, this conference is sure to be a vital conduit for insights, understanding, and progress. Attendee costs are $260.

Please see attached conference programme

The conference programme link:

I regret to advise that, because of the withdrawal of Richard Wright, I have been asked to speak on my other favorite subject. Fortunately, it’s the last panel on the relevant day so I won’t have  bore the audience too long with the failures of the Canuck mgt and why it wsn’t their goalies’ fault. Usually.


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