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Nemesis Calling: Is Anybody Home? or

  A Satire on Hubris by Outis

Those who gods would destroy they sometimes give more money than the person will ever be able to use in that person’s lifetime.
Or they sometimes make that person wealthy as the result of ze’s creation of a fungible product that has no intrinsic value whatsoever to society and could equally be replaced by something equally valueless, where ze just happened to be one of the first kids on the block.

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Cui Bono (addendum)

One upon a time in the west,
A lawyer whose name wasn’t Rex
Said: “When money’s at stake
Then judicial mistake
May not be de minimis non curat lex“.

I forgot to mention the “de minimusmisspelling  of “de minimis in the earlier part of this post. There’s many more uses of “de minimus“. Let’s blame that on cutting and pasting.