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What Now?

bald_eagle-headKing Canute Defies the Waves

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It turned out that the courts – judges and lawyers – were Canada’s bastion, despite the intentions and hopes of some Canadian “conservatives” during Canada’s far milder version of what just happened in the United States.  Let’s hope that the same holds true there.


With Enough Hockey Sticks

You can conquer the world.

Or, at least, once upon a time, Donald Trump and his crew of body guards.

According to an article at this link, a disagreement between Donald Trump’s bodyguards and the security guards at a Rolling Stones concert in Atlantic City  – Trump had shown up uninvited (he had been told not to attend as a condition of the Stones performing)  but departed on being told that Keith Richards had “pulled out his knife and threatened to take care of business himself – then reached the level where some of the DT crew pulled out brass knuckles and, in response, the RS crew “grabbed “tire irons and hockey sticks and screwdrivers”.

Of course you’d expect there to be screwdrivers backstage and elsewhere at a Stones’ concert. Kudos, though, for the hockey sticks.

The article doesn’t mention the brand, whether they were composite, one piece, two piece,  lies, even whether any of the sticks were goalie sticks.

The Fourth Monkey Speaks

monkey_holding1May 31, 2017

From June 1, 2017 onward, it won’t be quite necessary for hell to freeze over and host a New Year’s Day NHL outdoor game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens before this blog contains new commentary on any Canadian trial level or provincial appellate level decision dealing with proof of factual causation. However, the occasion will have to be something equally remarkable.

October 31, 2016

This blog will remain mostly dormant  inconsistently active, usually, and consistently mostly harmless, inevitably, for the foreseeable future. However, comments are now open, again, although what’s here is mostly past not prologue. But, that re-opening comes with a caveat. Click on “continue reading”, below, to read the caveat.


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I’m number #2,003,514

According to, my long-out-of-print Apportionment of Fault in Tort (Toronto, Canada Law Book, 1981) – yup, that’s the publication year – is “#2,003,514 in Books”.  The ranking is, apparently, of Amazon’s “most popular products based on sales”.  Unfortunately, the site doesn’t provide an obvious way to find out what books are just ahead and just behind mine. Nor does the site provide an obvious way of finding out how many books lists.