I’m number #2,003,514

According to Amazon.ca, my long-out-of-print Apportionment of Fault in Tort (Toronto, Canada Law Book, 1981) – yup, that’s the publication year – is “#2,003,514 in Books”.  The ranking is, apparently, of Amazon’s “most popular products based on sales”.  Unfortunately, the site doesn’t provide an obvious way to find out what books are just ahead and just behind mine. Nor does the site provide an obvious way of finding out how many books Amazon.ca lists.


  1. David Cheifetz

    In the current reality: it would require a regular supply of extremely expensive Macallan to induce me to reconsider, but that probably leave me unable to act on the reconsideration.

  2. Nada

    It is still so incredibly relevant. I really think a second edition would sell well – law schools and firms. You already have your magnificent first edition to work with. We must pique your interest somehow. Just think of the wine cellar/scotch cabinet potential…

  3. David Cheifetz

    Thanks. Too bad I could’t convince enough judges of that on the issues that mattered, back when it mattered to me. It didn’t sell as many as CLB had hoped. By the time a second edition might have been worthwhile, I’d lost interest.

    A few years ago, an online used book seller had one up for around $400. Ignoring the lunacy of that amount, I joked with colleagues that I should offer mine for a few dollars less. That’s still enough for a very good bottle of something or other.

    What I might do later this year – other people have asked about the text – is to scan a copy and make it available at cost, whether as a pdf or paper. If I do decide to do that – I should clear it with Thompson/Carswell, I suppose, since it now owns CLB: it shouldn’t be an issue, but …

    I’ll announce it on this site when and if.


  4. Nada

    I think that book is BRILLIANT. In over ten years of crazed Bay Street practice (shudder), I found it to be THE most helpful, practical book that I ever used. I now have to visit a copy in the Great Library – as I cannot find one for order anywhere. Sigh.

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